Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It may be time for some blog changes, some renewal maybe? I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore... I keep forgetting I have it. Regardless, I thought I'd say something before the well of somethings runs dry...

Good semester so far. It is hard to balance all the beautiful things I want to do in life with classes & teaching & responsibilities... This semester I am working hard to focus all my classwork into my area of interest, and it seems possible which is exciting. I'm also planning to attend the FemRhet conference in a few short weeks, so I really need to get going soon on that conference presentation. With my laptop on the fritz, I'm not sure how much of my website is still out there. I didn't want to publish it since it wasn't quite finished... Oh well. I've got the primary images & body of research, just need to tweak it a little.

My classes are on Literature & Science (really we're just reading theorists I wanted to read & some sci-fi novels which I always enjoy), so that's totally up my alley. It's my first literature class in grad school, and I find myself a little uncomfortable at times, but we're theorizing about technology so I can handle it, for now. My other class is on Aristotle's Rhetoric, and actually I've never taken a course on Rhetoric in Writing Studies (only Speech Com) so that's also a very different experience. Both classes have tons of reading, so I just barrel my way through as much as I can and basically skim the rest. I've finally learned some skimming strategies that work. I don't really understand giving us so much to read... we can't possibly talk about all of it, so why do us such an injustice by expecting us to read it? It doesn't really make sense to me. Then again, I sadly don't get to make the rules.

Things are going well with teaching. It's fun talking about this stuff with my boyfriend. He just looks at me and says things like "You think you're a bad teacher, why? I wish I had a Rhet teacher like you." This is my first time teaching two courses. I enjoy my students, and I'm finally getting to a place where I can actually listen to them & let them say what they say. It was hard to do that last year with an advisor, but this year it's just me & them, so I'm actually going to allow them to take things in directions that they find meaningful & important.

Last but not least, we are having a teacher training course for Writing With Video, a potential course to be taught here in the future. If nothing else, I am really enjoying shooting footage & figuring out how to put it together. It is so neat to do something a little different than what I'm used to and use that other part of my brain that I deny too often. And plus I get to learn iMovie. Now if only my laptop were back...

Anyway, that's an update. Hope there are still a few readers left. Hope to hear from you soon!