Wednesday, April 20, 2005

last weekend in pictures

I've been meaning to update, but of course, haven't gotten to it. But I wanted to show you some pictures:

flowers, bought for me by Darren, brought to you by me, Sony, & the mom's day flower show

a green file cabinet, bought for me by me for $3.50 at a garage sale

a purple chair, bought for me by me for $10 at a garage sale, already soaked in cat fur

Last but not least, last monday I gave a presentation at Allerton, proposal for it pasted here:

Ethos and the Teaching of Web Design in the Business Writing Course

Scholars of Writing Studies (Klem & Moran, LeCourt) have discussed the ways that teaching in a computer classroom affects the relationship between teacher and students. The space of the classroom changes, and the computer becomes another participant in the class, forcing the teacher to reconsider issues of ethos in the new space. Additionally, scholars (Burbules) have discussed the importance of teaching changing technologies in the business writing classroom because as students are entering the work world, they will continually face the affects of rapid technological changes in their writing. Taking these issues into consideration, I have been teaching web design in the business writing classroom for the past two years. This presentation will focus on my findings that students learning web design often feel they are gaining an important work skill that they probably will not learn in another class, and thus the technology changes students’ investment in the business writing course.

And finally, my proposal got accepted to Feminism(s) & Rhetorics(s), the conference for which the inspiration for my blog name has come from. I'll give you more info on that presentation later. I am working on different versions of the paper that I will turn into that presentation for two of my classes this semester. The presentation is entitled "Digital Health and Feminist (Re)visionings of Healing".